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Throughout the ages, man has been making significant progress in many areas of his life. The industrial revolution has had the most impact in the world we live. One such area that has experienced tremendous change is the Broward County which was once a land that was inhabited. One man by the name Bonaparte Broward saw the potential in the area. This helped transform the region into what it is today. A force to reckon with when it comes to urbanization, colorful water bodies and beautiful blue skies. This is a good example of what happens when industrial revolution integrates with nature.

Cradled in its warmth

One of the reasons that made the region to be inhabited by many people is the escape it provides of warm weather from the cold weather that people are used to in the region. However during the summer, the region experiences a significant increase in the temperature. The area experiences sunshine throughout the year but this doesn’t come without a downside. Architects took advantage of the increase in population to change the way buildings were being constructed. The spaces became smaller in order to cash in on the increased demand for housing. The small spaces made it difficult for people to inhabit during the hot weather. Residents were covered in sweat and it was impossible to stay indoors during this time. All this changed during the industrial revolution when air conditioners were discovered during the Industrial revolution. Discovery of the HVAC systems also led to a significant growth in the economy. Broward County became a force to reckon with not only because of its beauty but economically as well.

How to use air conditioning, the right way?

All residents of Broward County own a HIVAC system either for commercial or residential use. The same case also applies to other residents in the rest of Florida region. According to statistics, 86% of homes use air conditioners. It’s therefore safe to conclude that people in the Florida region use AC four times than what is used nationally. This means the energy consumption is also four times higher than is used nationally. Most HIVAC systems are not turned off all throughout the year and therefore don’t undergo maintenance regularly as is recommended. If you want your air conditioner to last for a longer time, it’s recommended to service it regularly.

Plantation AC Expert is a leading air conditioning company with experience spanning for over 20 years providing high-quality services to our customers. The first thing to ensure you’re using your air conditioner properly is in installation. Proper installation and insulation of spaces is a good way to reduce monthly electricity bills. When your AC is maintained regularly, it will increase its shelf life which leads to more savings. For all air conditioning services you’re in need of, we’re here for you. We have professionally trained personnel who have gained lots of experience working with different types of air conditioners.

Some of the services we are renowned for include:

  • Free consultation services on how to choose the best AC for your space.
  • Professional installation of all types of air conditioners.
  • Repair services; parts replacement at an affordable price.
  • Maintenance which helps to save on monthly electricity bills and repair costs.
  • Advise on improvement on indoor air quality and cleaning of the ducts.
  • Round the clock services- our professionally trained personnel are on standby for any AC emergency calls 24/7, 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year.

If you’re in Broward County don’t hesitate to call us on 954-379-8472 and we’ll send one of our personnel within a few minutes. We are available in the following cities: