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If there is anything you can trust Plantation, FL with, it is that it will be hot and summer times will be hard to sail through without an air conditioner soothing and cooling you. But even your air conditioner is a machine and just like any other machine which is composed of electromechanical components, it is susceptible to break-down at times. And when the summer season sets in, there is an increased use of the air conditioners, which can bring it to a standstill. Who do you call upon when your air conditioner breaks down without announcement?

Make the choice of going with Plantation AC Expert- the most renowned names in AC servicing in the region, which has a service portfolio so exhaustive that none of your AC woes would be left out.

Best service by the best servicemen:

You would surely not be disappointed with the number of options you have in terms of the service providing companies. However when it comes to the quality of service, the prospects are not that enticing.  Most either lack the right skills to justify the complex repair situations, while many lack the temperament for a great customer service. At Plantation AC Expert, we redefine customer service and the skill which enable us to handle even the most intricate air conditioner repair jobs for our clients. Try giving us a call on 954-379-8472 and it would hardly take 20 minutes for our expert technicians to reach you in the very first instance. This is where the professional approach with which we work stands apart from the other service providers.

You can call us for:

  • Plantation AC Expert Plantation, FL 954-379-8472New air conditioner installation
  • Consulting on making the choice of air conditioner
  • Replacements and repairs
  • Providing spares
  • Providing customized maintenance plans
  • Resolutions onsite
  • 24/7 AC services in Plantation, FL area
  • Commercial cooling solutions
  • Improving Indoor air quality
  • Changing Air filters
  • Refilling refrigerant

and others

Call 954-379-8472 today and experience the full range of esteemed AC repair and maintenance services from Plantation AC Expert! 

New AC Installation

If you happen to dwell in Plantation, FL or have a business establishment here, there is just no way can you do without having an air conditioner installed at your place. Given the torrential heat waves which are commonplace here, air conditioner is the only way you can get some a respite. Buying a new air conditioner today isn’t a cake walk either, as there are a myriad of options to choose from and even if you are finally able to make the right choice, it is crucial that a professional installs this for you. Plantation AC Expert can be this able helping hand for your air conditioning needs, reachable at anytime on 954-379-8472Click to read more...

AC Repair

As the winter season comes off to a close, the most bustling activity to do is to get the summer clothes from the closet, and be ready to welcome the bright sunny days. But there is yet another activity which not many people pay much heed to and this is the most important activity they should be doing with the onset of summers – get their air conditioner in shape. Air conditioning is not a luxury but a necessity one cannot live without, especially in the unsparingly warm climate of Plantation, FL. Air conditioners are also at the end of the day, appliances which falter and become worn off from regular use and this is why air conditioning repair is an important activity. We at Plantation AC Expert, the market leader in AC care in the region, always urge our clients and others to pay due heed to the condition of their air conditioners since repairs are one of the most common service requests we get on our helpline 954-379-8472Click to read more...

AC Maintenance

Come the summer season and your air conditioner will be the most common appliance you use in your home. So much so that households and commercial facilities are known to operate air conditioners round the clock and this put them under a heavy load. You may have the most technologically advanced model installed, but even the very best ones can wilt away under such extensive use, unless maintained well. Click to read more...

Indoor Air Quality

Think of that one appliance in your home which is most crucial for your comfort and well being at home, and your air conditioner will undoubtedly come up. For someone who lives in Plantation, FL area and has to jostle with the extremely warm conditions here, an air conditioner is certainly a boon. But in addition to the air conditioner that you have installed, you also need to pay heed to the overall air quality in your premises. A host of miscreants such as smoke, dust particles, pollen and other microbes can cause havoc and a lot of danger to the health of the dwellers in the premises. Click to read more...

Commercial HVAC System

A very important aspect of running an enterprise is to make sure that the operations and the work in the facility goes on uninterrupted, be it any sort of problem or glitch which one might face in the business as usual. If you are the owner or operator of a business in Plantation, FL area, then you would know that the biggest issue which can surface here is your air conditioning going flat without a notice. And given the acute warm climate which manifests in the region in the most part of the year, it gets really hard to survive without effective air conditioning. So the next time your commercial HVAC gives you trouble, who do you turn to for help? Click to read more...

Emergency AC Service

Imagine going through the hottest spells of warmth and heat in Plantation, FL and not having your air conditioner by your side to assist you. Well this is a recipe for disaster and will bring in a great deal of discomfort and stress to your life, especially if it occurs unannounced. But once such a situation hits you, there is no gain to be made by brooding over it, but rather making sure that you call an expert to assist you in the first instance. Plantation AC Expert is the provider you should trust if bailing out of an air conditioning emergency is your ask, and the helpline number 954-379-8472 should be your ready asset. Click to read more...

Residential AC Service

An air conditioner might be called an appliance by most, but it can well prove to be an asset for you. Think of the horrendous heat and the soaring mercury levels which have become common place during the summer season in Plantation, FL, and you would realize how an air conditioner can prove to be a boon and an asset in such times. However air conditioners have never enjoyed the level of prominence and attention from people which is generally given to assets. This can be clearly seen in most households’ approach in handling their air conditioners, wherein they only call upon an AC technicians when the unit breaks down. This is where having a working relationship with a residential AC service and repair team can save you a lot of stress eventually. Click to read more...