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Come the summer season and your air conditioner will be the most common appliance you use in your home. So much so that households and commercial facilities are known to operate air conditioners round the clock and this put them under a heavy load. You may have the most technologically advanced model installed, but even the very best ones can wilt away under such extensive use, unless maintained well.

Be it setting the window up for the air conditioner at your residence, or overhauling of the cooling unit in the commercial facility, trust Plantation AC Expert to handle all sorts of AC maintenance tasks with ease and grace. We have a team of expert technicians who have over a decade of experience in air conditioning care and maintenance and this is what makes us the preferred provider of such services in Plantation, FL.  So, call us now on 954-379-8472!

What can you do?

There is a conception in some people’s mind that AC maintenance is a job left best to professionals. While this can be true in many situations, there certainly is a benefit in investing some effort into it:

  • Cleaning air filter: Air filters are the most exposed components of your AC to the dust and silt in the air and they can get clogged over time. Have the filter cleaned up from time to time.
  •  Cleaning the outdoor unit: We do not intend you to clean the outdoor unit yourself! All we are trying to encourage you to do is to remove any dust or silt from it using a mop or a hose, so that it functions clean.
  • Keep pests out: Ducts being laden and choked with pest nests and homes is a common miscreant and this cannot just impact the safe working of the air conditioner, but can also play havoc with the quality of the air. Pest proofing measures hence should be put in place.

 What do we do?

Expect us to render the following for you, when called upon:

  • Deep clean-up: The fault or dust may lie in the deepest corners of your cooling unit, trust us to reach and clean it effectively, thanks to the state of the art tools and skills which we have at our disposal.
  • Lubrication: Prolonged use of the air conditioner can leave the components rusty and jerky. Over-oiling and lubricating them can bring them to swift operation again.
  • Refrigerant check: Refrigerant is a very important component in the functioning of an air conditioner and if its levels fall during regular usage, we can fill these up to the desired levels.
  • Testing electrical connections: An electrical connection being loose is a common cause of air conditioner performance troubles. We can effectively fix them for you.
  •  Operation analysis:  Our diagnosis is perhaps the best you will find anywhere in the region, and we can ascertain the problem with you air conditioner with even the most casual of inspection.
  • Repairs: If a previously undetected issue surfaces during our work, we make it a point to correct it there and then, so that it has no further damaging impact.
  • Thermostat settings: Improper cooling can result from the sensors being misaligned or the thermostat settings being messed up at the time of operation. We can diagnose the root cause easily and put in the corrective measures.

Your one-stop AC maintenance solution:

Be it residential premise owners or commercial property a manager, Plantation AC Expert is the most trusted name for their air conditioning needs. Here are a few reasons why you should show faith in us as well:

  • Plantation AC Expert Plantation, FL 954-379-8472Customized maintenance contracts to suit your needs
  • Subsidized cost of repairs
  • Annual and bi-annual terms contracts
  • Customized solutions for specific needs of commercial facilities.
  • Priority services for our frequent clients
  • Spare parts available at discounts
  • Solutions rendered by experienced and  trained experts

Reach out to us today for air conditioning maintenance contracts in Plantation, FL area which are fit to your specific needs. Give us a call on 954-379-8472 to get started.